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Glenfield Infant School

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Marvellous Me

If you have recently received notices from MarvellousMe that your child’s account has been deleted, please follow these steps:

 Log in to your existing parent account on a laptop/PC or tablet. The login screen can be found at  or you can use the tablet app. Please contact the school office if you need to have your email address and/or password reset.


  1.         If you haven’t done so already, you will need to re-add your child to your parent account          to receive any MarvellousMes for them going forward. To do this, select ‘Add child’ and            enter your child’s code and their name exactly as they appear on the join code letter you          have been given by the school this term. You should now see two accounts for your                  child.

2.        Their old account will show the name of the school in brackets after the child’s name;                   their new/active account will just show the child’s name.

3.        If you wish to keep the MarvellousMe’s sent to your child’s old account, you can                             download a MemoryBook in the ‘Settings’ of your parent account.

Be sure to select the account showing the name of the school in brackets after the child’s name.

IMPORTANT – Your child’s old account will be completely wiped 90 days after it was accidentally deleted at the end of last term and the MemoryBook will then not be available. So you can download the MemoryBook in good time, please refer to the reminders MarvellousMe have sent to you (these will be sent 10 days prior to the data deletion, and on the day).