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Glenfield Infant School

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In the summer it is important to make sure that your child is being sun safe. We recommend the following precautions;

Sun lotion

  • Apply sun lotion at home before school.
  • Send sun lotion into school. Sun lotion must be designed for children.
  • Sun lotion must be labelled with your child’s name and class, and inside a bag. A special box in class will hold all the bottles.
  • Children must never share lotions.
  • Children may ‘top up’ during the day but they will be expected to put the sun cream on themselves, with supervision from an adult. Only in exceptional circumstances will cream be put on for them.  


Please also remember to send in a bottle of water for your child to keep in the classroom. Water fountains are limited.


Sun hats (especially legionnaire’s style) are an extremely good idea. If your child is particularly prone to burning consider cool, long sleeve tops.


Please make sure your child is wearing sensible shoes for school. As you know the school has many stairs around the building. For this reason, backless sandals (ie flip flops or similar) are not suitable for young children in school.

School Closure

   In the unlikely event that school has to close due to extremely high temperatures you will receive a text message. It will also be announced on our website. Any closures are taken very seriously and will always be kept to an absolute minimum.



In school we will limit the time children are outside in very

hot weather and will set activities in the shade.