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Glenfield Infant School

together we are brilliant


Co Headteachers

Mrs J Dorricott
Miss E Carrie

Senior Management Team


Mrs A Graham

Year R Leader

Mrs D Glasspool

KS1 Leader

Mrs C Bradshaw

Inclusion Manager

Teaching Staff


Mrs A Graham Class teacher - Year R Moles Class
Mrs L Gadd Class teacher - Year R Moles Class

Miss R Cooke

Class teacher - Year R - Rabbits Class

Miss S Kent

Class teacher - Year R - Hedgehogs Class

Miss A Cook

Class teacher - Year 1 Badgers Class

Miss M Collins

Class teacher - Year 1 Deer Class

Mr T Singleton

Class teacher - Year 1 - Foxes Class

Mrs D Glasspool

Class teacher - Year 2 Woodpeckers Class

Mrs C Wood Class teacher - Year 2 Owls Class

Miss K Lee

Class teacher - Year 2 Owls Class

Mr R Little Class teacher - Year 2 Ducks Class
Mrs T Kerr Music Teacher/PPA Cover

Classroom Support Staff


Mrs J Clarke Speech & Language Teaching Assistant
Mrs N Syvret Teaching Assistant - Year R

Mrs B Richards

Teaching Assistant - Year R

Miss R Guy Teaching Assistant - Year R
Mrs C Honan Teaching Assistant - Year 1
Mrs V Corner Teaching Assistant - Year 1
Mrs K Wood Teaching Assistant - Year 2
Mrs H Price Teaching Assistant - Year 2 (Maternity Leave)
Mrs R Sabeur Teaching Assistant - Year 2

Mrs E Webster

1:1 child support 

Mrs D Streets

1:1 child support 

Miss K Roe

1:1 child support

Ms A King 1:1 child support

Mrs C Collins

Nurture Group Leader, ELSA & Cooking

Mrs H Robinson Nurture Assistant

Administrative Support


Mrs L Gennings

School Business Manager

Mrs T Oldbury

Administration & Attendance

Mrs J Goodman

Clerical Assistant (AM)

Mrs S Harvey
Clerical Assistant (PM)

Lunchtime Support


Mrs A Ryde

Senior Midday Supervisory Assistant

Mrs I Brown

Midday Supervisory Assistant

Mr D Farminer

Midday Supervisory Assistant

Mrs V Corner

Midday Supervisory Assistant

Mrs R Sabeur

Midday Supervisory Assistant

Mrs C Norman

Midday Supervisory Assistant

Miss L Buckle

Midday Supervisory Assistant

Mrs E Webster Midday Supervisory Assistant
Mrs D Streets Midday Supervisory Assistant
Miss S Luff Midday Supervisory Assistant

Caretaking and Cleaning


Mr D Farminer

Site Manager

Miss L Buckle


Miss S Luff


Kitchen Staff (Caterlink)

Mrs D Mulcahy

Chef & Kitchen Manager

Mrs T Vinson

Kitchen Assistant

Miss L Barnes

Kitchen Assistant

Miss H Drew Kitchen Assistant