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Glenfield Infant School

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Websites for children

A few parents have asked about which websites we use at school to help the children with their learning. I have put together a list of websites that we use and ones that have been recommended by other people. The content of some of these sites does change quite frequently so it is difficult to always be sure of the quality but have a go and see which ones your children enjoy. We understand that not everyone has access to the internet but it is also available at local libraries.

General sites

These are all general sites that have lots of interactive games covering many different subjects.


Teacher your monster to read login Go into the story section and share colourful books with your child This website shows children how books are made Do a search for punctuation.

Phonics Screen                        

Past papers are available to download below

Geography Satellite images of all over the world. Try to find your house!


Lots of fun interactive games


you can share big books on this website all about nature and animals. Lots of lovely pictures. Some great ideas for fun and probably rather messy, child friendly science investigations

History This is the history channel’s website which gives information about toys This is the British museum’s website all about ancient Egypt. It is more suitable for older children but has lots of good pictures of pharaohs and mummies.



Haskins Garden Gang